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Why is...


The U.S. EPA has created the SAFER CHOICE Approved logo and label to allow products to demonstrate that they have achieved the highest degree of human safety and environmental security in the formulation of their products.

Each of our products have met and/or exceeded these standards.

What are the benefits to your fabrics by adding...

to your final rinse cycle?

Fabrics are fine, woven hard surfaces...

And being such can benefit from the same active ingredient found in ZShield24 - Chitosan.

When added to the final rinse portion of each cycle, these woven strands are bathed and coated with a fine layer of a biostatic protective coating that:

  • strengthens the material,
  • renders it antimicrobial (ASTM G21, AATCC 100, AATCC 30, ISO20743)
  • assists to lock in colors - preventing premature fading,
  • eliminates most discharges of static shock from garments, linens and towels, and
  • reduces the material's capacity to hold odors.

All at just pennies per load.

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*Lab results demonstrated how untreated fabrics retain 91% more organic soil and microbes as do fabrics that are treated with ZTex24.

What are the benefits to your laundry cycle by adding...

to your final rinse cycle?

ZTEX24 keeps working after the cycle has ended...

Detergents, by design, attract soils and hold them in suspension. This is a great plan when you are washing loads of soiled laundry but it is a hindrance to achieving full efficiency and economy when you really would prefer to recycle the greatest percentage of water possible.

Residual ZTEX24 in the rinse water, uses the same (+) ionic charge to combine and bind with (-) soil particles and force their settling to the bottom of your recovery tank.

Improving the quality of your wash water with...

What are the benefits to your clientele by adding...

to your final rinse cycle?

Everyone is on a budget...

You need to turn loads at the best cost possible.

Your customers need to make their uniforms, linens and towels last as long as possible, and their clientele's health may be counting on the best controls against cross-contamination to achieve a speedy recovery.

We insist upon making this a win-win for everyone.

  • You save BIG on water when adding just a small amount of ZTEX24 to your final rinse,
  • Your customer achieves 10-20% more life from each of their fabric items,
  • Your customer's clients obtain an additional layer of protection against static shock, embedded odors, and microbial contamination.

And as we said earlier, all at an exceptionally low cost per load.

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