Helping You Build a Protection System that is Validated by the Numbers.


Looking for an online set of modules that will provide you and your staff with informative yet fully enjoyable video training with comprehension quizzes & certifications?


Want help along the way, with finding new sources of revenue, new leads for customers and coaching through just about any application situation?


Looking for a system of protection that is cutting edge, does not rely upon toxic disinfectants and creates the proactive, protective coating that is state of the art?

Training Your Inside Staff - Our Value Proposition...

You have your own housekeeping, maintenance or environmental services department that you want fully trained and certified to protect your residents, students, building occupants and visitors safe from cross contamination and infectious diseases.

We offer training that helps to provide disinfection "by the numbers" -

how to pre-clean, how to distinguish between disinfectants and how to validate when your building occupants are best protected.

Your Trip Just Isn't Complete, without Visiting...

Where you will find:

Over 20 different modules on facility-specific use-applications for -

  • Nursing Homes
  • Validating Efficacy with ATP
  • Schools
  • Transportation Vehicles

Stand Out from the Crowd...

Be among those who are certified applicators...

Know not just what to do, but also why you do it.

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