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Our Training Modules

The below training modules are presented in categories that are consistent with particular industries. Some lessons, covering the science of the coating and the suggested methods of application will appear to be duplicated and are marked “PREFACE” by use of the code “PREF-1, PREF-2”. The specific courses will then be enumerated as “1,2,3,4”…

Transportation of Goods & People

Protecting the Surfaces within Public Transit, Trucks & Trailers

PREF – 1

What Is ZShield24?

In this module we will introduce you to our product, its core component and the science of biostatic protection.


What’s At Risk in Transportation?

Public and private transportation vehicles are the lifeblood of our economy. It needs to be protected, not just disinfected.


The Science of Cleaning Vehicles

Proper Cleaning Protocol is all about science and principles. The size and type of soil to be cleaned must be understood.


Cleaned & Prepped

The substrates and surfaces within this category varies dramatically, we will discuss surfaces and how to prep them.


Applying Protection

Application of protection with ZShield24 will depend upon the area and substrate. We’ll cover them all!

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